Monday, March 17, 2008

Domain Specific Language (DSL) for Neural Network(s)

Howdy folks,

With this entry I would like to show the possibilities of DSL.
For those who don't know DSL, DSL as in Domain Specific Language,
is a modeling tool for modeling problems in an organization for example.

An example that everybody who's familiar with Visual Studio Standard Edition or higher knows is the Class Designer. It's a graphical tool within VS that allows you to model your classes, and it also generated code in the background.

Seeing this, I did some digging, and I came up on the subject of DSL's or DSL Tools.

As you already know probably, I've got a big interest in A.I., neural networks more specifically. Wouldn't it be cool that you could just draw you neural network structure and let VS generate all the network code for you?
In this way you can make balanced or unbalanced neural networks, which can have a big benefit.

I've made a little design of how the designer should look like.

The boxes in yellow are the DSL Domain classes, those classes are the domain model of the DSL, who describe the structure of the problem, those classes should be able to store all the 'problem information'.

The Red boxes are the shapes that are related to the domain model.
A neuron is represented by a Circle.
A Connection should be represented by a line in a certain color etc...
DSL let's you do lot's of fun things with it.

I’ve drawn in Visio how the designer itself should look like, this is an approximate drawing, but it's very close to the reality.
When my designer is finished, I’ll put some screenshots online, and maybe also some code.

This is how it looks like in visual studio (in the experimental hive):

This example shows the structure of a back propagation network that's able to solve the famous XOR problem. This problem is also addressed in another entry of mine regarding the Neural Network Simulator.

The Designer I’m building uses in fact the same framework, with the difference that there is an extra factory for creating the network, and the framework is extended with extended methods of the .NET 3.5 network.


Dom said...

Hi Whizzo,

Your article about DSL and neural networks is really great. I'm a bout (into 2-3 weeks) to start working about NN and your idea to couple it with DSL looks really interesting. How far have you been in that direction? Would you mind sharing what you've produced (schema, or even code)?

Best regards,

( domisi.ladore [at] gmail (dot)com)

harada57 said...
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