Thursday, March 31, 2016

Opensourced the Numenta HTM.NET port

Hi readers,

As of now I've put a port of the HTM (Hierarchical Temporal Memory) network of numenta (NuPIC) on GitHub as an unofficial (working) port.

There is an official port of HTM in java, called HTM.Java which I've ported to .NET.
This version is a more biological interpretation of the original HTM network in python.

The goal is to stay as close as possible to this port and the biological approach as possible and maintain the same API.

  • Things that will be added in the future:
  • Vision integration (ImageSensor etc)
  • SDR (Sparse Dense Representation) Classifier integration (almost done at the point of writing)
  • Speed optimisations
  • KNN Classifier integration

I already have another post regarding this subject: Hierarchical Temporal Memory

The GitHub repository is:

Feel free to contribute ;)